Spy x Family Manga

Spy x Family Manga

Spy x Family Manga Info :

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Where can I read Spy x Family?

You can read Spy x Family manga online at https://spyxmanga.club/ in English for free.

What is the release schedule for Spy x Family manga?

Spy x Family Chapters are released weekly. But sometimes, the manga chapters get delayed. Bookmark https://spyxmanga.club/ to stay notified whenever a new chapter is released.

Spy x Family Characters:

Main Characters:

Anya FORGERChild, Orphan, Psychic Powers
Loid FORGERAdult, Analytical, Gloves, Orphan, Photographic Memory, Secret Identity, Spy
Yor FORGERAdult, Assassin, Deadly Chef, Headband, Orphan, Secret Identity

Secondary Characters:

Becky BLACKBELLChild, Pigtails, Wealthy
Bond FORGERAnimal, Dog, Psychic Powers
Damian DESMONDChild, Tsundere, Wealthy
Fiona FROSTAdult, Blinding Bangs, Secret Identity, Spy, Stoic
Franky FRANKLINAdult, Facial Hair, Glasses, Information Broker, Piercings
Henry HENDERSONBig Ego, Cane, Elderly, Facial Hair, Magnificent Mustache, Monocle, Ponytail, Teacher
Yuri BRIARAdult, Gloves, Orphan, Police, Secret Identity, Sister Complex

Minor Characters:

Anan BORICAdult, Athlete, Hat, Muscular, Tennis Player
BabolAdult, Athlete, Scar, Tennis Player
BarnesAdult, Balding, Glasses
Becky’s FatherAdult, Facial Hair, Wealthy
Benedict Ivan GOODFELLOWElderly
Biddy SQUIREHigh School Student, Teenager
Bill WATKINSAbnormally Tall, Child, Glasses, Muscular
Billy SQUIREAdult, Facial Hair, Hat, Terrorist
BondmanHat, Masks, Spy
BrantzAdult, Politician
Carrol CAMPBELLAthlete, High School Student, Teenager, Tennis Player, Wealthy
Catan BORICAdult, Athlete, Hat, Muscular, Tennis Player
Cavi CAMPBELLAdult, Facial Hair, Glasses, Wealthy
Cecile Dorm TutorAdult, Closed Eyes, Glasses, Teacher
Chief NurseNurse
ChrisTerrorist, University Student
DaybreakAdult, Facial Hair, Hat, Spy
Demetrius DESMONDWealthy
DominicAdult, Facial Hair
Donna SCHLAGGlasses, Gloves
Donovan DESMONDAdult, Eye Bags, Facial Hair, Politician, Scar, Wealthy
Eden Academy Gutter StudentChild
EdgarFacial Hair, Gangster, Smoker
Emile ELMANBowl Cut, Buck Teeth, Child
Erik ZACHARISAdult, Glasses, Military
Franklin PARKIN
Geometry TeacherAdult, Glasses, Teacher
George GLOOMANChild
George’s FatherAdult
Gerald GOREY
HoneyCrown, Royalty
Hurry TAYLARBalding, Glasses
Jim HAYWARDAdult, Balding, Facial Hair, Information Broker
Jonas WELLMANFacial Hair, Singer
KarenAdult, Headband
Keith KEPLERAdult, Explosives Expert, Terrorist, University Student
Kim CAMPBELLAthlete, Headband, High School Student, Ponytail, Teenager, Tennis Player, Wealthy
KurtAdult, Terrorist, University Student
Martha MARRIOTTAdult, Butler, Hair Buns
Math TeacherElderly, Glasses, Teacher
Melinda DESMONDAdult, Mole, Wealthy
MillieAdult, Hair Ribbons
Monica MCBRIDEAdult, Mole
Murdoch SWANAdult, Facial Hair, Teacher
NguyenAdult, Facial Hair, Gangster
Old WomanElderly, Glasses
Orphanage DirectorBalding, Facial Hair
Pance KARMERAdult
Purse SnatcherHat, Thief
Real Estate AgentAdult, Glasses, Salaryman
SharonAdult, Glasses, Smoker
ShopkeeperAdult, Assassin, Hat
SSS DirectorSmoker, Sunglasses
SSS LieutenantAdult, Scar, Smoker
Sylvia SHERWOODAdult, Assassin, Glasses, Hat
Tailor Shop ClerkElderly, Glasses, Hair Buns
Tailor Shop OwnerAdult, Tailor
Thomas AUSTINAdult, Glasses, Tutor
VadimAdult, Facial Hair, Glasses, Hat, Terrorist
Walter EVANSAdult, Glasses, Teacher
Winston WHEELERAdult, Spy
WISE DirectorAdult, Hat
WISE SecretaryAdult, Ponytail
WolsonAdult, Athlete, Facial Hair, Headband, Scar, Tennis Player
Zachry FEISSAdult, Bow Tie, Facial Hair

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